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Our heart is for people around the world to come to a greater understanding of all we have in Christ - the freedom, identity, love, empowerment, unity, rest, hope, and so much more we have by grace alone. Please let others know about this ministry as God opens opportunities for you to share with friends, co-workers, family member, and co-worshipers about Zoe Code Ministries.

Helping you Live & Lead from Christ AS Life!

Understanding the Gospel of Grace, Growing in Christ as Life, and Sharing that Life with those around us is what it means to mature as a disciple.  We love helping you on your path in equipping people to share in His Life with others!

Why Partner with Zoe Code?

When you become a partner as a monthly contributor to Zoe Code Ministries, you become part of the equipping team that is sharing Christ as Life by grace with churches, leaders, small groups, conferencees, pastors, and a huge social media and distribution network.  You are changing lives even as you are equipped and encouraged for your daily walk in Christ.

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Championing the Gospel of Grace
with local churches everywhere

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Conferences &
Pulpit Fulfillment

Video and Audio Training

The Abundant Life

What is it, how do we grow in it,
and what does it mean to share it?

Spiritual growth is not about becoming more competent as a Christian, but growing in dependence upon and intimacy with Christ.

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the Discpleship Journey

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Zoe Code Ministries

serves local churches & leaders
to experience and express Christ as Life by grace.

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Looking for resources to help you and others live & lead from Christ as Life?  Check out these resources, or request a training topic!

Spiritual Reality of Life in Christ
(4 mini-messages)

Living the Zoe Code
(13-wk Curriculum)

Radical Availability

Stormy Seas & Sound Machines

(4 mini-messages)

7 Keys to Intimacy with Christ
(conference videos)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

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Free Resource for You:

“Spiritual Waiting” is the current gift for those wanting to be encouraged in our Life In Christ.

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Living The Zoe Code - 13-wk. course

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International Pastoral Training


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Some of our team & Ministry Partners:

Mike Daniel   founder, speaker, writer

After years equipping leaders in the corporate sector through training and executive coaching, Mike pastored with two large church fellowships and helped others in San Antonio and elsewhere before launching what is now known worldwide as Zoe Code Ministries.  Zoe Code equips life and leadership in Christ by grace. Mike now leads the Zoe Code Team, builds partnerships with other ministry leaders, teaches Christ as our Life in conferences and pulpits around the globe, and equips the local church for true discipleship at every level of every fellowship.

Connect with Mike about your staff training, ministry retreat, pulpit, or conference opportunity HERE.

Tim Dishongh   worship & arts coach, worship leader

Tim has a rich history of leading worship, coaching and teaching worship musicians, discipling worship teams, and pastoring in the local church. Having revelation of Christ as Life has launched Tim in recent years on a new path of coaching other worship pastors and leaders in a worship theology built entirely around the identity and freedom we have in Christ, and the availability that Life affords us to lead in others into a worship life based on Christ's finished work by grace.

Tim is uniquely gifted and has a passionate calling to lead worship, provide worship consulting; teach, coach, and mentor worship leaders, vocal musicians and musical artist in the church.

My heart's desire is to inspire and equip the next generation of worship leaders, church musicians, and worshipping congregations to pursue a culture of worship that:

  • Places Jesus at the center of worship
  • Reveals the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit  
  • Shares the whole Gospel of the finished work of Christ
  • Encourages worshipping disciples of Jesus to experience their transformed life that is "hidden in Christ" (Col 3:3).  

Connect with Tim about your worship leader equipping, leading worship, or conferences on worship and the arts HERE.

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Mike coaches a handful of key pastors, teachers, and other ministry & business leaders on strategic discipleship, ministry planning, personal & corporate leadership, and more.  

After years servicing leaders in the corporate sector and now sharing the Christ Life paradigm  with hundreds of ministry leaders, he is uniquely positioned to help you help others as God leads and equips His Life by grace.  Ask for info here.


Explore Zoe Code Media & Opportunities

The Two Chairs Video

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Discipleship Articles

Get Mike's Free Encouragement Each Month for Christ Life

We've all wondered how obedience and being devoted to Christ fits in a GRACE economy free of performance, merit, and condemnation...  This article is free to everyone who plugs into our weekly encouragement for Life in Christ by grace.  If you know the finished work of Christ and our identity by grace, these short, powerful notes, media, and resources each week will be an incredible encouragement to you in your walk each day with our Father.
(We'll never share any info of your with anyone for any reason.)

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Support Christ Life Pastor Training
Mike gets to share Christ Life truth in remote areas around the world, from India and Nepal to the Philippines and China, as well as many other areas both in teaching mission participants, ministry leaders in each locale, and on teaching tours of historic areas‍‍‍.  This just isn't possible without your help as the leaders in impoverished areas or in hiding simply cannot pay for the travel and equipping they need.  Will you partner with Mike & Zoe Code Ministries to equip the pastors and leaders of the Body of Christ around the world with the Truth of His indwelling Life?

"I'm convinced that God calls us to serve these leaders together, so without your partnership, this work He has called us to cannot be done.  Thank you for supporting His work by grace!" - Mike.

Discipleship Weekends and International Travel

Join us as we engage the sites, the history, and the culture‍ ‍‍on a historic tour.   Experience the awe and wonder of walking where Jesus walked, joining a weekend retreat in a beautiful and remote locale, or touring and growing in marriage in romantic international getaways learning New Covenant Truth! For more information about theseis incredible opportunities, simply email below for details.

...only a handful of seats are available on each trip, so get info and get registered as soon as notice goes out!

Just email for more info.

From Holy lands to mission fields, historic or adventure discipleship to romantic marriage getaways



Join Mike at the New 210 Church Service 9/11 & 9/18!

Join Mike Q. Daniel this week @ 210 for A New Season of Christ Life Discipleship!

When the world is in crisis, when the circumstance seems like chaos, when the enemy would sow lies and division, our hope is never in the circumstance bringing life and peace - our hope and life is perfectly secure in Christ WHO IS OUR LIFE!

Come discover more with
Mike @210 THIS SUNDAY!

(We will never share your information
with anyone else for any reason)

"Grace Miraculously reconciles what we know to be right with our inability to cause ourselves to BE right.  God never intended for you to be the Source of your own righteousness only possible in Christ!"




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